For Horn

Derived from the standard orchestral and operatic repertoire

About the Book



These etudes have been designed with a dual purpose in mind: to focus on specific technical issues with the horn but also to acquaint the player with the themes and motifs from the standard orchestral and operatic literature, especially those motifs endemic to the horn parts.  The hope is that working on these etudes will facilitate the performance of the actual works when they arise. 

Keys to Performance

Every etude is accompanied by 'Keys to Performance' for successful practice.  These 'keys' can then be applied to the original orchestral or operatic work.

Accessible, but Challenging

Clear and precise focus is given to the themes and motifs of the original works, but then expanded through extending the range, articulation, tempo, and dynamics in the etudes.

Etudes from the Repertoire is available online from Balquhidder Music